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MICK SUMBLING 06 de febrero de 2008 — Vocal & original lyrics by Mick Sumbling, singer-songwriter living in Sabadell, Barcelona. Based on the tune by Django Reinhardt & Stephane Grappelli (copyright clearance requested). Featuring Peter Gazey (guitar), Paul Nesbitt Larking (tenor sax), Colum Pettit (violin), Juan Carlos García (accordion), Clayton Moore (clarinet) and The Lone Ranger on Silver.

Tears roll down
It's a fact of this life I've found
Sometimes you don't detect it
Until it comes around, but
Just when you least expect it,
Those tears come rolling down

Tears come down
And the good ship is running aground
You think you're unaffected
Trusting you're safe and sound, but
Just when it's least suspected,
Those tears come rolling down

Tears roll down
It's a fact of this life I've found
You try to grin and bear it
You fool and act the clown, but
With no one there to share it
Those tears come rolling down

Phrasing & melody based on
Paris, March 22nd, 1940 version by Django's Music

Music: D. Reinhardt & S. Grappelli
Lyrics & arrangement: Sumbling

So good I cried: tears and the sex divide

August 25, 2000 -

Although there are important similarities between men and women in the experience of crying, for women, crying is a more complex emotional experience and more strongly associated with negative events and feelings.

These are the findings of a study by Drs. Moira Maguire and Paul Cavendish at the University of Luton, presented today, Thursday 7 September, at The British Psychological Society's Division of Health Psychology Annual Conference, held at the University of Kent at Canterbury.

Past research has supported the popular notion that women cry more than men yet little work has focused on the crying experience itself. To look at this, the researchers conducted a study of 30 men and 57 women who answered a questionnaire known as the Adult Crying Inventory, asking about their experience the last time that they had cried. For both men and women the most common reason for crying was listed as personal loss such as bereavement, the loss of a love relationship, or the loss of a friendship.

There were also important differences between men and women. Men were much more likely than women to cry as a result of positive feelings, particularly at sporting events. Women were more likely to cry as a result of conflict with others or feelings of personal inadequacy. Women reported feeling many more emotions than men when they cried, particularly fear, self-pity, powerlessness, anger, elation and frustration. Most people felt mentally better after the crying, though women were more likely than men to feel physically worse. Women reported more reasons for stopping crying and were much more likely to stop as a result of being comforted.

The researchers say that crying may also be used as an important way of getting help and support from others, particularly for women. They point out that further research is needed to clarify their findings and to answer the question of how crying helps us cope.

British Psychological Society (BPS)

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  1. Bonita canción de Mick! Lágrimas que se presentan así, cuando no las puedes ni quieres parar, rodando por las mejillas. Yo no soy de las mujeres que lloran sólo por conflictos o sentimientos negativos. Me gusta mucho llorar. La última vez que lloré (el domingo pasado) fue en la carrera de Bomberos, cuando al final de 10 quilómetros y muy cansada superé la meta entre los ánimos de la gente. Fue una emoción muy grande.